Sledwork CaniX Belt G2 light

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Sledwork CaniX Belt G2 light

Its great advantage is the effective four-point attachment of the leash, which makes the belt unique.
The belt encloses the entire pelvis, which distributes the traction over a large area. About 2/3 of the dog’s pulling power goes into the two lower part and only 1/3 goes to the top.

During Canicross, you’ll have a perfect body balance and you and your dog will turn into an entity. You will positively notice that the CaniX Belt G2 light effectively counteracts
a “hollow back”. Under tension, the G2 light brings the pelvis into a favourable position and extends your flight phase.

Although the G2 light was developed as a competition belt, it also performs extremely well in everyday use.

The CaniX Belt G2 light has a padding made of breathable 3-D Air Mesh, which feels pleasantly “firm”.

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